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2022-11-25 00:35:47 By : Ms. Sophia Ge

Nothing feels good more than being in control of your phone power anytime, any day. Our smartphones have become our new home, and best friends and batteries are the energy suppliers, and depleted battery power means a dead connection.

Therefore, it is essential to have a device that can help you to keep your connections alive with an adequate power supply. The Clutch Charger is the ultimate choice for this situation. With a Clutch Charger, you have a constant power supply to your phone so say goodbye to battery power depletion. Shared Power Bank

Clutch Charger Review - Does it Work or NOT? (MUST READ) | Deccan Herald

The ultra-slim and lightweight charger resemble the size of a few credit cards, making it easy to slide into your wallet or pocket.   What is the Clutch Charger? The Clutch Charger is a super slim, compact power bank compared with the thickness of four stacked credit cards. It has a battery power of 3000mAh and an in-built cable for external use. It is lightweight, a mere two ounces.

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It includes a lithium-ion battery conserved by a light metal case. It comes in different beautiful colors, white, pink and black.   What is The Purpose of Reviewing Clutch Charger?  Mobile phones are altering global civilizations; the big world is becoming a small global village, especially for the younger ages. It has made businesses easy. However, it would help if you charged your phone frequently to keep connecting to the global world.  Holding your phone charger everywhere can be difficult and makes them prone to damage. The Clutch Portable charger is becoming outstanding since it helps maintain battery power.

In addition, the weightless feature of the clutch charger makes it the perfect option to sustain battery capacity.   Why Clutch Charger Should be Your Number-One Choice? The Clutch Charger is designed with top-notch features; lightweight, fashionable, and sleek, optimizing user comfort compared to other power banks. The portable and durable charger is suitable for Android and Apple devices.

Although there are other power banks with a similar makeup, the unmatched lightweight with high battery capacity features makes it superb and outstanding.     Features of Clutch Charger: ●    Ultra Slim and Sleek feature: The clutch charger size is  3.6'' x 2.5'' x 16 inches. It has a small weight of up to two ounces, which makes it lightweight and portable. Also, it's easy to fit into your pocket or wallet with the ultra-slim structure.

●    High Battery power: The Clutch Charger has a battery power of 3000mAh. This power, compared to most phones' battery capacity( range between 1400mAh-2000mAh), is higher. Therefore, a clutch charger can charge two phones, depending on your phone's battery power. The Clutch Charger can maintain its in-built charging capacity for many weeks when unused.   ●    It has a small in-built Charging Cord: The Clutch Charger features a small inbuilt charging cord that is fit into the charging port of your phone. Thus, you need not worry about carrying a USB cable when traveling or hanging out for fun. The short cable is joined to the clutch charger near the charging port.   ●    Built-in Lithium Ion Battery: Clutch Charger is incorporated with the latest tech lithium-ion battery, which is common in modern cars and smartphones.  The in-built battery is solid and effective in charging your phone battery entirely.   ●    Charging port: like other power banks, the clutch charger has a port that makes it rechargeable. When you buy a new clutch charger, it comes with an external USB cable for charging. It takes some weeks to recharge the clutch charger after use. When you notice the clutch battery is low, connect the external cable to a power source. A light red led indicator turns on while charging; this light red led changes to deep red when fully charged.

Remove the external charging port from the power outlet when fully charged, and you can now use the clutch charger with your phone. The red led indicator will turn on again when charging your phone and continue to blink as your phone battery level increases.   ●    Metal body material: The charger body is made of metal which makes it durable, smooth, and long-lasting. Although the body feels more like hard plastic when touched. The metal case is excellent when not in use and gets warm when used. Furthermore, the metal case protects the internal battery of the clutch charger.   ●    Suitable Storage: The durable metal case easily stores the charger's internal battery. A relaxed and dry environment is suitable for storing the Clutch. Could you keep it away from heat and water? Also, it occupies no space for storage due to its portable size.   ●    Multiple colors: Clutch Charger is available in pink, black, and pink. You can choose any color when buying. Any color you choose, you will find beautiful. Also, you can combine different colors.   How to Use Clutch Phone Charger? The Clutch Charger is easy to use with smartphones, iPad, and iPhones. Its mode of operation is similar to regular power banks. Nonetheless, compared to other power banks, you don't need to bring along your phone charger every time you leave home; the built-in cable with the clutch is sufficient to charge your phone.

Charge your clutch with the external USB cable and let it fully charge. Then Attach the inbuilt clutch cord to your phone’s charging point to start charging. Hold the clutch charger with your hand or put it in your pocket. A red led indicator will appear to indicate powering off your phone.

When your phone’s battery is fully charged, disconnect the USB cable and gently place the charger in your purse or pocket.    PROs: ●    Clutch Charger is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. ●    It is lightweight and slim, which makes it easy to fit into your pocket or wallet without putting in additional weight. ●    The modern, built-in lithium-ion battery is preserved using an aluminium casing, which enhances its durability. ●    It serves for several weeks before you need to charge it again when not in use. ●    Its massive battery power dispenses energy to charge your smartphone battery to maximum charge. ●    It removes the stress of carrying your phone charger when leaving home. ●    It is rechargeable when its battery is low. ●    It charges faster. 0 to 70% in 30 minutes.   ●    It's easy to store. Requires small space. ●    It is fashionable with its ultra-slim structure. ●    It is essential for topping off your phone battery while traveling, camping, beach visitation, sporting centers, or attending a festival or concert.    CONs ●    The clutch inbuilt USB cable is easily  damaged due to repeated removing both from the side and phone port ●    The metal casing makes the charger generates heat when charging; this causes a little pain when holding. ●    The red led indicator shows the power on but not the percentage of power remaining on the clutch charger.    Similarities between Apple and Android Clutch Chargers:   Ultra- Slim, and Lightweight Both Apple and Android clutch chargers are scaling a mere 0.16” as dimension.  That is extremely small if compared to a few coupled credit cards. The clutch charger for both IOS and android is light, and it easily fits in your pocket.   Automate Control Technology Modern Clutch battery clogs feature innovative power technology that renders protection against overcharge and over-current supply. The two models have a short circuit that automates power on-off when charging or discharging.   High battery Capacity With 3000mAh, this small charger has the potential to charge an iPhone and Android up to 50%, which is incredibly helpful when you are always on movement.   High-Quality component The Clutch Charger is assembled with high-quality metal casing, hardware, and chips for absolute durability for Android and Apple models.   Fast Charging rate Both clutch charger designs for Apple and Android models promote fast charging power and device safety against high current flow.   Red USB LED Lights The Clutch Charger for both models has LED battery pointers along the side indicating when the clutch is fully charged, requires to be recharged, or presently recharging a phone.   Differences between Apple and Android Clutch Chargers?   Cable Compatibility The clutch charger specific for Apple smartphone models has an inbuilt lightning cable, specific for different iPhone models such as iPhone 5,5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, SE /, 7,7 Plus, 8,8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11,11 Pro, 12, 12 Max,2 Pro Max, 13, iPads,  and Airpods.

While the clutch charger, specific for Android smartphone models, has an inbuilt USB cable, specific for different android models such as Samsung and Nokia.   Clutch Charger Tech Specifications: The technical specifications of the clutch charger can be compared to other power banks online. Here are the Clutch Charger's powerful tech specs: ●    Available Colors: pink, black and white ●    Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.5” inches ●    Thickness: 0.16” ●    Weight: 2 ounces ●    Battery Power: 3,000mAh ●    Battery Makeup: Rechargeable high-tech lithium-ion battery ●    Case Material: Metal( Aluminium) ●    Charging Battery Indicators: Red LED ●    Certifications and Approvals: Certified and approved by CE, FCC, CCC, and Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) ●    Compatibility With IOS devices: compatible with IOS devices with lightning cable ●    Compatibility with Android devices: It's Compatible with  Android devices with a USB cable charger.   Clutch Charger Price: Clutch Chargers are majorly purchased online. The Clutch Charger's least price is $49.98 per unit, although a price decrease can be offered when ordering many units.

 Here’s how pricing cracks down when buying via the official website: ●    1 Clutch Charger: $49.98 ●    2 Clutch Chargers: $99.98 ●    3 Clutch Chargers: $111.99 ●    4 Clutch Chargers: $149.99

>>> Click here to know more about Clutch Charger on their official site.

The Clutch is available in 3 colors; white, pink, and black. You can match two colors or choose one color for your next order.  Note: The price above is excluded from the shipping Fee. The shipping fee will be based on the quantity of charger you ordered. Discount is available for multiple orders.   Clutch Charger Reviews/Customer Testimonials: Here are some of the testimonials shared by customers:   ●    “I was so excited when I bought this product online. I took it along on a week trip through the airline. I only charged it for few times, and it would power my phone battery fully.  Indeed, the clutch charger is a lifesaver. I will repeatedly recommend the clutch charger as the best power bank. I like it!". - John Kennedy   ●    "The delivery of the clutch charger was superb. I opened it, and I found a super light power bank, it is wonderful!. The charger was superb and charged my phone fast on a single charge. I received what I saw online, and I am pleased. It's lightweight, and I can easily take it around". - Linda Mary

●    "I was happy when I received my new clutch charger online. It is a portable and powerful charger. The thinnest charger so far, it requires little space to function and charge my smartphone faster. I play many games online but running out of battery power doesn't make it enjoyable. I started using my clutch charger, and I became great at what I love to do. I love clutch chargers!". - Daniel Moore

●    " When I unboxed my clutch charger package, I was impressed with what I saw, wondering how adorable and portable the charger looked. I have different power banks, but the clutch is different. I can put it in my pocket without feeling pressured or in my wallet. It gives me an 85% battery charge within a few minutes. I love it, and it's worth the price". - James Hughes

Final Thoughts: The Clutch Charger is an Ultra-slim phone charger. The lightweight, small phone charger uses a high-tech lithium-ion battery to recharge any IOS or Android smartphone.

The clutch charger is easy to connect to your Apple or Android phone and commence charging wherever you go. As thin as a four credit cards coupled together, the Clutch Charger comes with inbuilt cables for ultimate comfort when charging, which means you don't need to worry about your phone being off due to low power battery while away from home.

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